WE Are the Change

Helio Mateo Carrillo


The world is in a very dangerous position right now; climate change is affecting everyone, regardless of who they are, where they are, and what they do. This “natural” phenomenon has been around for many years, but due to people´s negligence towards the planet, this phenomenon has sped up through many ways such as the excessive use of fossil fuels, waste of mineral and natural resources, and even the use of plastic.


On April 16, Tim Guinee, a climate reality leader, spoke at Manhattanville College during the Truth to Power event. During the talk he gave the audience many examples to prove the fact that global warming is happening right now, and it might be too late if we wait any longer to take action. Guinee explained that global warming is still going on because there are millions of people in the world right now with no water to use, and people with houses flooded due to big coastal storms. Other examples of this phenomenon are the increment of air pollution, the poles melting, and big cities without electricity for days.
There are many ways on which people can help; they can avoid the use of materials that burn down fossil fuels, such as cars, to stop the unnecessary waste of mineral resources such as water, and use alternative energy sources such as solar panels.
During the panel, following the talk,  discussed ways on which we can reduce the emissions of fossil fuels, general pollution and water waste. Such alternatives go from using cars as minimal as possible and using recyclable materials in our everyday life, as well as promoting these actions. During the panel, a campaign called “How YOU can make decisions around water” with the slogan of “Every Drop Counts!” was also presented. This consisted of interesting ways on which the world can reduce the waste of water; like using water wisely and using music to time the amount how long the shower is running. “Climate change is an existential problem and no one is exempt of and based on this,” said Guinee, “I believe that my generation is that one that needs to listen to the newer generation in the sense that you are more aware of climate change and actually want to take action into trying to slow it down.”
Around Manhattanville, there are students who have started recycling programs by collecting plastic bottles to take them to recycling facilities. There are also students who encourage and promote an eco-friendly mentality with help of departments at our school like Biology and Chemistry. Lastly, the college has solar panels that will begin to work next academic year and will provide the school with solar powered energy across campus that will reduce the use of fossil fuels.