Quad Jam 2018



On Apr. 21, 2018, Manhattanville held their annual Quad Jam, which included live music from dance teams, acapella groups, and the winner of the 2018 Battle of the Bands. The day began at 1:00p.m. and had free food trucks throughout the day including Taco Loco Truck, Dumpling & Jerk Pan Truck, Funnel Cake Truck, and a Ben & Jerry’s stand.

Broadway @ Manhattanville, a student run Broadway club, sang “This Is Me” from the Greatest Showman. Treasurer and rising President of the club, Jillian Sharpe, directed the performance. She explained that “putting the music together was a bit of a challenge, but it came together in the end. I was really proud of my group for keeping up with the choreography and harmonies,” said Sharpe.

The acapella performances included all female acapella group; Sound, the all-male group; Crescenbros, and the newest group; X&Y Chromotones. Manhattanville Sound performed “Crazy” by Gnarls barley arranged by Candice R. Mattia and “Wannabe” arranged by Shannon Gaffney.

X&Y Chromotones performed the hit “Bang Bang” by Ariana Grande arranged by Deanna Torrisi. Co-Founder and President, Sarah Mattice spoke about how special the Quad Jam performance meant to her, “I’ve put so many hours in behind the scenes and being on stage with them, especially for my last Quad Jam, was such an incredible experience for me. I’m just so proud of all of my Tones. They’re all incredibly talented, dedicated, and genuinely great people and they should be proud of their performance.”

The Cresenbros sang “Havana” by Camila Cabello, and “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire, both songs were arranged by senior, Andrew Murray. “It was a very bittersweet feeling, knowing that it was one of my last performances ever with the Bros, and my last Quad Jam that I’d be performing at, but I had a blast singing with them,” said Murray, explaining how the performance was a memorable experience,

Manhattanville’s rising R&B singers Andre Blue and Jack Schwartz performed their original songs during the mid-afternoon and brought a large crowd of students to watch.

The Perceiver, led by Mark Tully ‘20, Enoc Ramirez ‘20 on Bass, and Jake Saravay ‘20 on Guitar, recently released their first single on iTunes, Spotify and music platforms. This is the bands second performance after Fall Fest, “it felt nice to know that we were doing something different and that at least a small part of the community is supportive of it,” said lead singer, Tully.

Various dance teams such as Dance Troupe, Latin Fusion, Minds in Motion and Manhattanville Dance Ensemble performed never before seen dances. Senior dancer Erica Harris spoke about one of her last performances with MIMO, “performing in my last quad jam was surreal, being on MIMO for four years definitely made it emotional to dance for the final time with all of my friends.”

Guest artists included Michael From the East, Alexeya, Towne, Juice and Headliner; DJ Earworm all performed on the main stage. DJ Earworm, who was most famous for his hit: the 2009 United States of Pop, brought back mash ups of today’s top hits. The performance included pyrotechnics and a laser light show, which attracted a large crowd. After the show, EDM artists Atelo and Steve Nobs performed their set as the ‘after party.’ Overall, the 2018 Quad Jam was a great year for student performances, great food, and a very exciting headliner.