Seniors Prepare for Life After College



With the school year coming to an end, the class of 2018 has a lot to do. Some, if not all, have already been affected by the infamous “Senioritis” – the lack of will to do any work whatsoever. The question that remains for these seniors is, what will we do after graduation? Some might not continue their education, or they already have a solid idea of what they want to do. But often, seniors may not know exactly what they want to do, and that’s perfectly normal.

Isabella Brascetta Guerra
(or also known as Isa by her friends), is an international student from Venezuela who has spent a little more than four years here at Manhattanville. She has been studying to be- come an event planner, and has contributed a lot of dedication to Manhattanville’s campus life.

“I’m the marketing representative of LASO and Latin Fusion, a part of the International Bazaar committee for the past two years. I have been an RA for three years, starting in Founder’s and then I moved to the suites. I am a mentor
and an office assistant for the department of World Languages,” explained Guerra. She spoke about her goals to be an event planner. “I want to start with any type of events, but ultimately, I would like to be a wedding planner. I feel like for starters, I want to learn from some other people so I maybe want to intern, I want to be an assistant coordinator, some- thing like that for other people who have their own companies or even with bigger companies. Maybe later on when I’m already older (and wiser) I’ll get my own,” stated Guerra.

With graduation coming up
in May, Guerra is more than ready to start her life after college. “I am excited, and ready to graduate. I have been here a little longer than most seniors because I was here for the English Language Institute to learn English as a second language. Because I am an international student, I require sponsorship to be able to stay in the country. I have one year for Optional Practical Training (OPT) after graduation, which starts July 12, my personal one , and I have one year to find a company that really likes me to sponsor me to stay here,” explained Guerra.

Fewer students are considering graduate school, and Isabella
is definitely one of them. Her plans include spending some time at home with her family before she has to start working.

Other seniors hope to achieve similar goals as well. Senior Nasir Fleming, a Communications and Media Major with a French minor, has big goals ahead of him in life, but isn’t quite sure which direction he exactly wants to take.

“What do I do with my life? Good question. I’m one of the directors for the Drag Show,

and I work at a coffee shop
on the weekends. If I could
go back in time, I would be a History major. I’m not exactly sure what field I would like my career to be in, but I would definitely like to work in the realm of media or international education,” said Flemming.

Like Guerra, Flemming has no interest in going to graduate school now, but might consider it later on.

“For me, definitely not grad. school. I feel like grad school is perfect for people who have a little bit more life experience for diving into what they want to do for the rest of their lives,” explained Flemming. “I’m going to travel this summer because I’m a travel blogger, so I’m just going to travel and write. Hopefully in the fall, I’ll teach English abroad. I was accepted to join the Peace Corp, but I’m not sure I’m going to do it yet. But if not, then I’ll probably just teach English in Latin America at some public school.” said Flemming.

Flemming is also a huge contributor to the online publication Huffington Post where he writes about his travels to different places all over the world, The Huffington Post is kind of like a contribution-based publication. So, they just have a ton of freelancers who write. Though the writers do not write for the money, they write for the publicity. But recently, I did get my first paid writing job with a travel publication.”

It just shows the versatile direction that seniors are taking and that not everyone has to go in the same pace. Some might choose to take their time in figuring out what they want to do and some might have a laid-out plan. Everyone is different.