“Love, Simon” Review




I went to go see this movie, “Love Simon”, without even watching the trailer, and the only thing I knew about it was that a gay kid decides to come out; I didn’t know what to expect from it. I got to the movie theatre and the movie started, still with no expectations of this movie whatsoever, but from the very first scene, I had a feeling that it was going to be good. The movie starts out with Simon (played by Nick Robin- son,) who has a normal/close to perfect life as a high school senior, and happens to be gay, but no one knows this. I chuck- led in my seat: that was me last year! My brain automatically took me to those days, the days when I already knew I was gay, but was too scared to admit it.


Something that usually attracts me as a viewer is how identified I feel with whatever I’m watching. With this movie, I identified with this movie since the moment it began, until the moment it ended. Why? Well, that was the main goal of the movie. When you come out to people, it is not always flowers and butterflies (pun intended). It’s hard, extremely hard in my opinion. And what this movie does is take you through the entire process from the moment Simon, the main character, tells us that he is gay, but he doesn’t want to tell anyone, to him trying to hide it as much as he can to the point where it gets out of hand. Simon gets outed by some insecure douche, and then finally, he accepts it and officially comes out by waiting on the famous Ferris Wheel at the carnival for his anonymous lover.

I highly recommend this movie, even if you’re not gay, or bi, or any other sexual orientation. I think that the lm was very well done. People need to be aware of the whole process of coming out from an inside perspective.