Falling In Love in College: Worth it or Not?



Love. What is love and why are we
so weak to the very idea of it? Love is the look on a parent’s face, the many years a couple has been together, the way a husband looks at his bride on their wedding day, the way a young
boy feels about his first crush. Love is being with someone who you know you can trust and who makes you feel like
a better version of yourself. Love is the disagreements, the fights, laughter and the memories you share. Love can be
a look, a touch, or a kiss. It’s beautiful to be in love yet it is also scary because we never know what one fight, one lack of communication, or what one ignored situation can lead to.

Love is an amazing thing, but love can also be a painfully scary thing. Often at times, we have a shield to protect ourselves from getting hurt but we are defenseless when it comes to matters of our hearts. Being in love is hurtful and, painful but sometimes it can be so rewarding. If we never find love and/or if we lose love, then we must remember the people who have and will always love us: parents, siblings, friends and ourselves because we are lovable, special, and beautiful. When we open ourselves to love then we are defenseless to the possibility of rejection, pain, fear, and happiness.

Falling in love can be amazing but being in love while in college has its many faults. Having that special some- one who gets us, knows us, and makes us feel special, loved and happy is one of the perks of being in love. Being in love is such a wonderful thing. Looking into the eyes of that special someone who makes our hearts beat so fast, that person who makes our palms sweaty, who makes our faces blush, makes our minds so expressive and fills our bodies with endless amounts of passion. Sometimes we don’t have to think about falling in love because it just happens and no matter how hard we try suppressing our feelings we can never escape the beauty of being in love. It’s not just falling in love, it’s being in love.

High school, our parents, and sometimes our friends teach us a lot about love and it is good, yet it is also bad. Past experiences have shown us that being in love means being hurt at times and being hurt is something we do not ever want to happen again. So why do we risk falling in love in college? Is it a natural instinct, a passionate desire, or just physical attraction? We fall in love because we can’t help it, but we can help how hard we fall in love.

What if you and your partner break up, do you think you can handle seeing them every day while enduring and replaying the events of the breakup? Yes, you can. Before you were his or her partner, you were your own person with dreams, goals, and ideas. What is stopping you from getting out of bed
in the morning? It will be hard to see your ex-partner every day, but it will get better. They didn’t make you a smart, strong, amazing person, you did, and never forget that.

In life, we fall in love and we get hurt but that doesn’t mean we should give up on the very idea of love. So many things can alter our lives in so many possible ways but the most important thing to remember is that you can face any challenge. Being in college means making grown-up decisions and as adults, we must decide if we are ready to let our shields down and be open to the possibilities of love. Maybe it will be great and maybe it will hurt but that is one of the great experiences that we as college students, as young men and women, must face and accept. Falling in love is not like the movies or books because it is something more, it is real and what we chose and who we love.

Do you think falling in love while in college is worth it? I do.