On the Topic of Security



In light of recent events in Florida, I think it is time to discuss the issues at Manhattanville regarding security. I do not intend to insult the efforts of the staff here who protect the student body; however, the response to such a serious issue has been lackluster, to say the least.

The email that President Geisler sent explained that security is of the utmost importance. However, when my father drives me back from our home, he usually says “just dropping off.” At no point am I asked to show my ID.

Additionally, during my freshmen year, three of the doors of Spellman Hall were broken, and you could just walk in. Now admittedly, this was very convenient. However, they stayed broken for my entire freshmen year, which is unacceptable. The mere idea that someone could easily walk in with a gun and shoot freshmen in their dorms was a frightening thought.

Another issue that comes up in President Geisler’s email is having access to a counselor on campus during the time. While offering a counselor is a good step, it does not cure the problem of students not actually being safe. This does not mean having a counselor on call is a bad, but it is not enough. You cannot just say that you have given these issues attention and then do a half measure. I want a clear and specific plan to improve it, and that does not need to be a large adjustment, but it should be more like spending additional money and attention on specific areas to keep the student body safe. Now let me make something clear: I do not want drastic change in Manhattanville’s security. I do not want professors to hold guns, or even guards to hold them. I am just asking greater awareness for security after another school shooting. All I want is the guards to ask for my ID.