Isabella Brascetta Guerra 

Interview by Maricruz Herrera

Where are you from?

“I was born in Caracas, Venezuela.”

What is your favorite quote you live by?

“‘Everything happen for a reason.’ I strongly believe in that.”


What were your reasons for becoming a Valiant?

“I came here for the English program that Manhattanville used to have, the English Institute. I spent a year learning English as my second language and my professors encouraged me to stay and study at Manhattanville College. I applied, and during my journey learning English, I made great friends and that is why I ended up staying in America.”

How does it beneft you in terms of your major?

“I heard that the Communication Studies program was great, and I decided that I wanted to do that. But I believe that the best experience came from my student involvement. That made me realize I wanted to be an event planner because I was doing events for every single event going on, on campus.”

What are some clubs you are involved in on campus?

“I am part of the Latin Fusion dance team and Latin American Student Organization, both as a their Marketing member. I take care of the flyers and advertising events that these clubs hold on campus. I am also part of the International Bazaar committee, which the goal is to create a big educational party.”

Once you graduate, where do you see yourself in regard to your career path as an event planner?

“I want to be an assistant coordinator or something helping a wedding planner in New York City, with a company that will be able to sponsor me. I would just really like to be an event planner around New York, possibly Long Island by the Hamptons.”

What is the best memory you have at Manhattanville?

“I believe that the best memory I have here at Manhattanville is my boyfriend Matt, but also my friends. I met them as soon as I got to Manhattanville. Within a couple of months of knowing each other, we planned our spring break to Puerto Rico and we had such a beautiful time there. Now, I can say these are lifelong friends.”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“I see myself living in Long Island, married and being an awesome event planner in Long Island. Traveling around the world, visiting my family and building a beautiful future. Starting a family to surround myself with love as I grow old and create a life in America.”