Health Center and S.H.A.C Join to Tackle Students’ Overall Health



As we start to exit yet another cold and flu season we look back with horror on how this had affected not only the individuals across the country but the students at Manhattanville.

The new Nurse practitioners Michelle Mulligan, who has had over twenty years of experience in her feld, and Deidre Mullen, who has also had her fair share of experience, totaling 17 years in her feld as well. Having such experience has given this staff the edge they need to treat students in the proper manner while being efficient and thorough in their work. They continue to be the backbone through one of the worst flu seasons we have experienced in decades.

“I really enjoy working with the Health Center because I like the availability of having just about everything in any urgent care center or any doctor’s office. I find that the support staff provides a great deal of experience that has definitely helped this staff as a whole,” explained Mullen.

As we continue to make strides recovering, physically, the Health Center and the Wellness Center have done the same in order to accommodate students to their full needs. This semester, the Wellness Center and the Health Center have joined services known as S.H.A.C. (Student Health and Counseling). This new change in the health department on campus includes the integration of websites, better facilitation of students, and nutrition counseling run by Laura Wolf.

“This will definitely make it more comprehensive for students by working together. It’s nice to be able to work together to better take care of the student,” explained Mulligan.

On various nights throughout the week both the Wellness Center and Health Center provide seminars that promote health and overall wellness for students on campus. In the upcoming weeks, Mulligan will be hosting an event on Mar. 21 at 1:00p.m. with Westchester County Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. At this event, Westchester probation officers will come in to do a presentation on the impacts of DWI, DUI, and drugging and driving. Hosting seminars weekly will give students the chance to improve their wellness and health through different approaches that may just ignite students even further to exploring their own ways of reaching their full potential.

“I think learning about health at any age is very important, but our goal is to ensure that we instill healthy habits for students throughout the year. Learn healthy habits. Learn mindfulness. And hopefully when students graduate from here they’ll be able to take that with you,” explained Mulligan.

As the Health Center and Wellness Center continues to assist students during the tail end of this flu season, they will also begin to build these two programs even more that will benefit students far beyond graduation.