Studying Abroad: Eddie Mota




Almost everyone dreams about traveling across the world, but Senior Digital Media Production major Edwardo ‘Eddie’ Mota made his dreams a reality. Mota studied in Paros on the Cyclades Island in Greece during the Fall semester of 2017.


Mota explained that he studied abroad because he wanted to get away and live in a whole new atmosphere. “I wanted to live in an area for an amount of time where I could grow as a person and develop more of my interests. Having the opportunity to do so, I decided to take the risk and go abroad.” He explained that his journey would further his passion toward traveling and photography while experiencing the gorgeous views of Greece.

“Going to a different place, places outside my own comfort zone, is euphoric. The white and blue buildings we see, the clear blue ocean floor and how incredible people make it be, gave me a reason to study in Greece and capture moments that I lived and experienced.” said Mota.

During Mota’s study abroad, he saved a man’s life. Using his background in first aid training, he was able to assess that a passed-out man was unresponsive. “Between my friend and I, we grabbed him on our shoulders and brought him into the hospital, located five minutes away from where he was found,” Mota continued, “When we brought him in, the doctors began assessing him. After 45 minutes, an IV and a stomach pump, the man woke up.” Mota explained that he learned a lot about himself that day and his ability to use his skills and experiences in the real world.

Although this was not the first time that Mota left the States, his favorite place to travel was still the Island of Paros. He loved the mountains and the hikes that wound around them. The island wasn’t crowded, which made it more enjoyable.

When Mota first wanted to study abroad, he explained that the process was confusing at first, but he was able to speak to former study abroad students from Manhattanville and it turned out to be easier than what he had originally thought. “One of my biggest issues was locating the right professors for each of the classes, given to my busy schedule but besides that, the process was alright, not too rigorous nor lengthy,” Mota explained.

For all underclassmen thinking of studying, Mota said to “take the challenge and go abroad. Do it. It will be a life-changing experience, one that you would never forget nor regret. I am happy enough to be one of the very few of the Manhattanville population to be able to embark on such journey and represent Manhattanville College abroad. I am excited to have done it and even more excited that I was able to do it when I did it. If you’re worried about doing the programs abroad, just take a moment and ask yourself what would your life be like if you were to take the initiative to go and study abroad.”