Six Low-Cost Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day




This year, Valentine’s Day is right in the middle of the week on a Wednesday, leaving little room for a fancy dinner or a night on the town. Not only that, but right after starting the spring semester, most college kids don’t have a lot of funds for a night out.

But here are six inexpensive and super romantic ways of ‘wooing’ your loved ones on Valentine’s Day:

  1. Paper flowers- Flowers from a florist, while sweet, are both expensive and short lived. Paper flowers, on the other hand, not only last much longer, but also show how much you care. Plus, you can personalize them! You can make your own with tutorials online or buy a kit from a craft store.
  2. Homemade food- Sometimes, the best meals you can have are the ones you make yourself. Instead of heading out somewhere fancy, try your hand at making your own dinner or dessert. There’s a bunch of recipes online for the perfect meal, and if you’re dead set on making dessert, baking from scratch or from a box both taste good if you’re eating it with someone you love. Plus, making something from scratch means you get to decorate it too, if you want!
  3. Personal CD- I know that in today’s world of downloading music right onto our phones leaves the use of CDs to be a little outdated, but the idea of someone I care about going through the effort of finding out my favorite music and making it into something I can hold in my hands is super romantic, at least to me. Not only that, but certain types of CDs have a surface to be printed on; a photo of you and your loved one would be super cute.
  4. Movie night in…- Lots of college kids have Netflix or another streaming site to watch movies on. Instead of catching the bus to a movie in the middle of the week, pop some of your own popcorn, turn off the lights, and put on that movie you’ve been waiting to watch for a while. Or you and your loved one can catch up on your favorite shows while snuggled up together.
  5. …Or out- If you just can’t resist the allure of the movie theatre, Friday, Feb. 16 has several new releases, including Marvel’s newest super hero movie “Black Panther” and the goofy animated flick “Early Man”. Or maybe catch something already released, like “Fifty Shades Freed”, “Jumanji” or “Maze Runner: The Death Cure”. Or look for local movie nights such rom coms, or other romantic events. And don’t be afraid to put your arm around your loved one during the movie. And speaking of theatre…
  6. Local Theatre- Axial Theatre of Pleasantville is hosting a series of six original one act plays as part of their Twisted Valentines Festival on the weekends before and after Valentine’s Day. Shows are on Friday, Feb. 9 and 16 at 8:00p.m.; Saturday, Feb. 10 and 17 at 3:00p.m. and 8:00p.m.; and Sunday, Feb. 11 and 18 at 4:00p.m. on the campus of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Pleasantville.

The tickets are $22.50 for students, which you can get on line, and the location is only about fifteen minutes away by car. More info is going to be on their website,

Go have a nice night on the town and support your local actors! So, if you’re planning on seeing the ones you love, or staying in your room and treating yourself (like I am), good luck!