Janice Jimenez

Interview by Bianca Gray

What were your reasons for becoming a Valiant?

“I honestly fell in love with this school the first time I saw it. I loved the environment of the current students here. I also love how peaceful and quiet the campus is at all hours of the day and night.”

How does it benefit you in terms of your major?

“My major is Communications Studies, and I feel as though this school has amazing internships. It’s important to start thinking about internships early in your career. When your last semester of senior year rolls around, you’re not running around campus like a chicken with its head cut off because you didn’t know that you needed internship credit to graduate.”

Has it been difficult keeping up with your studies in this new semester?

“It hasn’t been difficult for me this semester because now that I am dorming, I have way more time to do what I have to do on time. My first semester was very difficult due to my commuter status. Mainly because I would get home really late after classes and work and would be too tired to even look at my homework. This semester has been so much easier due to the fact that I am dorming. ”


Why did you initially chose commuting over dorming?

“Well, I know most people would say that they didn’t want to spend too much time away from their family, but my reasons are a bit more simplistic than that. The main reason was to save money, but I also wanted to learn my way around the area before deciding to permanently live there.”

How’s dorming treating you so far?

“I love the dorm life. It has been amazing thus far. I have made a lot more friends who I can hang out with. I can now do things with more peace because I don’t have to worry about going home late at night to do homework or wake up really early to come to school. Now I am able to join clubs and be more active on campus because I want to get involved in my community.”

What clubs are you currently active in?

“I am currently in the Art Club because I love to draw; I find it really relaxing. My favorite is Creative Expression from Art. I am a Duchesne Scholar, because I enjoy giving back to the community. I also recently joined HerCampus to express my love of pop culture through writing.”