Super Bowl Recap




Super Bowl LII was full of excitement, surprise, and was far from disappointing from a neutral perspective. The Philadelphia Eagles took on the reigning-champion New England Patriots in Minneapolis, Minnesota and both teams put on quite the display. The Eagles starting quarterback, Carson Wentz, tore his ACL at the end of the regular season, leaving the eventual play off run to be led by backup quarterback Nick Foles. Foles, who contemplated retirement at age 27 from the NFL, took this opportunity and ran with it. After winning the first two games of the playoffs against the Atlanta Falcons and the Minnesota Vikings, it was time for the Nick Foles-led Eagles to take on Tom Brady and the heavily favored Patriots. It was amazing enough that Philadelphia had even made it this far, and to many it seemed as if this would be the end of a valiant effort. Tom Brady had won five Super Bowls going into Sunday’s game, and was hungry for his sixth. To arguably the best quarterback to play the game of football, the Eagles just didn’t seem to pose a threat.

After the national anthem was performed and the jets few over U.S. Bank Stadium, it was time for kickoff. By the end of the frst half, the Eagles led New England by a score of 22 to 12. Patriots fans were not concerned, as it was only last season that their team was trailing the Falcons by a score of 28 to 3 with 2:12 left in the third quarter in the Super Bowl and went on to win the game 34 to 28 in over time. Philadelphia, a city that has never seen a Super Bowl win for their team, was determined to make that change.

Nick Foles continued to play just as well as (if not better than) Tom Brady, and the two sides battled it out for another half. Although New England had one last shot at the end zone as time expired, the Eagles tough defense batted the ball down, and defeated the storied franchise. Despite Brady throwing for 505 yards and three touchdown passes, the Eagles found a way to come out on top. Nick Foles, the ‘backup’ quarterback for Philadelphia just a few weeks ago, threw for 373 yards and three touchdowns. He even had a receiving touchdown to go along with it, granting him the honor of being named Super Bowl MVP. By a final score of 41-33, the Eagles won Super Bowl LII in an unorthodox fashion in every sense of the word. By no means does this loss discredit Tom Brady’s legacy, but it sure does create a poetic end to the season for a man who almost gave up on his career in the NFL. As the city of Philadelphia rejoices and New England mourns, the game played was one for the books.