It’s Pink as …



If you’re from New York City, the tri-state area, or just a huge fan of social media; then you’ve heard of the Pink Restaurant, more formally known as Pietro Notlia. This aesthetic hot spot is located in lower Manhattan on Elizabeth St. and is one that you should have on your list to visit when in New York City. This small restaurant is located in a quaint twenty-five person walk down and has been one of the hottest trends that Italian restaurateurs and fans alike rave about.

This unique spot has a 1950s diner environment that is warm, welcoming, and the best part: it’s solely pink. Everything from the chairs, to the silverware (and even the cocktails!) are entirely pink. The bathroom is completely covered in wallpaper that states ‘LOVE ME LOVE ME LOVE ME’ over and over again in, of course, different shades of pink. The décor and menu both completely ft their desirable theme.

When you walk in you feel like you’re walking into a doll house because the place is so cozy, and you can only ft so many people in to eat at a given time. Although you’re completely shoulder-to-shoulder with the people next to you, and not by choice, you don’t mind because of the vibrant aura and conversation it brings along with it. When it’s time to order, a consumer is engrossed in the pink theme and conversation as the napkins have ‘Pink as Fuck’ written in bub bly letters to set the mood of the meal. The menu varies from breakfast entrees to the most favored Italian pasta dishes.

One of the pasta dishes even has red sauce with pomodoro on top and once its mixed, the sauce turns a nice pink color, joining the discrete theme of the menu. But what is a meal without an accommodating beverage? Included in their menu is an assortment of pink drinks. They have different pink cocktails as well as pink rosé wines for the perfect touch.

In the corner of the restaurant there is a recognizable plant with a neon light sign. This is the classic corner where all of the celebrities and bloggers sit to post and rave about. This corner is one of the most recognizable areas in the tight- knit restaurant because of the light the media shines on it.

What makes you feel right at home is the owner, Pietro, he who the restaurant is named after. He came from Italy to grow up in New York with his family and later decided that opening a business was his true passion. However, he knew he wanted for it to be different. He looked back at Italy and knew of some color themed restaurants, for example one was all red and love themed. He thought pink was fun and bright and thought it’d be perfect to bring to lower Manhattan.

The ‘pink as fuck’ restaurant was, and still is, a total hit. With authentic, appetizing and enjoyable food, as well as a good Instagram location, it instantly turns into a must- do experience. Even though when you walk in you may feel like you’re walking into Barbie and Ken’s dream home, but when the owner hands you the ‘pink as fuck’ sticker, you know you’re about to experience something more than a childhood dream.