Construction on Turf Dome Freezes




All over campus, students enthusiastically await the arrival of Manhattanville’s new multi-sport dome. The complex, recently named The Ophir Field, includes a turf field as well as multi-sport volleyball and basketball court. The Feld is built to cater to the seasonal needs of the northeast and will be used as an indoor field in the winter. The project received approval from the town of Purchase in October. Work permits were granted only two weeks later, and construction began immediately.

Although the warm November weather set hopes that the dome would be completed for the 2018 spring semester, a major setback arose in mid-December when the northeast was hit by an unexpected cold front.

“Unfortunately, we needed a really warm December and that’s not what happened,” explained Associate Director of Athletics, Julene Caulfeld.

The freezing temperatures hit as low as -14 degrees and froze the ground roughly 12 feet deep. The frozen ground made it impossible to proceed with construction. The decision was made to not install the dome in December 2017, however, plans to move forward with the construction of the turf field continue.

The turf field is estimated to be finished in the next 4-6 weeks assuming the weather allows construction to continue. The dome is set to pick up construction in November 2018 and is projected to be up for next winter. Despite the dome’s delay, the athletic department is excited to proceed with their new intramurals program.

“We hope to get everyone involved, athletes, non-athletes, and try to bridge that gap between both of them and really to instill a feeling of Manhattanville community,” Caulfeld explained.

Meanwhile, the intramurals program is essentially organized recreational activities created for students. The program is looking for new fun ways to get students at Manhattanville involved and active. Some programs you can expect to see include team sport scrimmages.

Sports include soccer, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, and kickball. In addition to scrimmages, the department also hopes to host tournaments.

Outside of team sports the intramurals program will include a number of fitness classes and group workouts. The most popular requests so far have been for yoga and boot camp classes. All students are encouraged to participate in classes and events.

“We have a really versatile structure… if we realize something isn’t working we’ll stop it and move onto the next thing… It’s very fluid and if it’s working we’re going to stick with it and if it’s not that’s okay too, well adjust and add something different,” said Caulfeld. Beginners classes will be offered as well as more advanced classes depending upon demand. As new programs continue to pop up around campus, the staff seems bright eyed and passionate about the new and exciting events to come.

“We are going to listen to the students and hear what they like,” added Director of Athletics Ed Manetta. Students are asked to reach out and voice their ideas and contribute to the intramurals program. Feel free to reach out to the Coordinator of Intramurals Sarah Machugh at For upcoming schedules and events follow Mville Intramurals & Rec on Instagram @valiants_recreation.