As the semester draws to a close, Student Government has been refecting on all we’ve achieved over the past few months and all we look forward to doing next year.

We held multiple student outreach events this semester, being the Whine & Dines, Banter in Brownsons, and Open Meetings. From these, we collected student ideas, issues, and feedback, and we used this information as springboards and talking points as we met with staff, faculty, and administrators on campus.

At the very beginning of the semester, we instituted the Inter-Club Council, or ICC, to increase club collaboration and serve as a resource for club officers. We created the Council of Diversity and Equity, or CODE, as a student-driven initiative to respond to social issues on campus.

Both groups have made great strides in cementing their foundations, and we hope to help them grow even more in the spring.

Multiple Student Government representatives now hold positions on or are regularly invited to committees and meetings within the College, and we are lending the student voice to a variety of issues and proposals.

Ultimately, we have laid vital groundwork this semester, solidifying relationships with new administrators and staff and building a group of students who are dedicated to helping solve key student concerns on campus. We are extremely excited to continue our work into the Spring 2018 semester, as we solidify plans to benefit student life and effect change within the community.

As always, please feel free to email us with your ideas and issues at See you in 2018!