Gun Control: Let’s make a Difference




Gun control, it is not so much that the human-race has evolved from past mistakes but when those mistakes repeat then it is a problem. Gun violence has always been a problem and after many years, talks, debates, actions, new laws, and deaths it seems like a gun is still nothing when it comes to death.

The Las Vegas shooting massacre that left at least 58 people dead and 500 injured, the Texas shooting that took 25 lives and that of an unborn child, the Columbine High School shooting massacre, in which 12 students and a teacher were murdered and 37 other students were injured, the Port

Arthur massacre leaving 35 town residents dead and 23 more wounded, and more. Recently a student brought an unloaded gun to a Bronx middle school, and although no one was hurt or injured, what if that wasn’t the case?

These actions against society, the world, in general, are leaving so many dead, hurt, and others left to grieve is the main problem. If the human race wants to survive then we must confront the violence and idiocy of gun control.

How many people have to die? How many families should schedule a funeral for their loved one(s)? What will it take for the government, basically everyone, to care?

Gun violence is a sickness, a disease that has brought on so much pain, anger, and sadness and no one knows when or even how to stop it. WHY? No one knows what to do or how to do it because no one talks anymore. Somewhere along the road the American people forgot or lost the ability to talk to one another. Is it so hard to talk about what is troubling someone?

The responsibility to protect everyone and maintain order and civility falls on the people who sell guns and the government. Like everyone in the world a gun keeper/seller has to make a living and selling guns to people who are mature and have the money is their job, but something should be done with how many guns a person can purchase.

The government has all this standing and background towards certain political matters dealing with gun control, but after everything that happens and may or may not continue to happen, in the future the government needs new laws.

Gun control has been made into this huge media concept for years with movies, television shows, video games, and more that depict a gun as cool or a way to show dominance as a man or even a woman. Sometimes the idea of purchasing a gun comes from fear. People live or move to places with affordable rent or a close distance to one’s job or child’s school and the idea of distance equals fear. Fear of the un known gives people the idea to purchase a gun even students who are being bullied, but a gun is not the way. Life is hard and scary, and people are mean and sketchy but that does not give someone the right to do something as evil, soulless, and so incredibly stupid as to gun down a bunch of people.

Photo Credit: Chris Sanders

A gun is never a toy and how certain people view the object of a gun or a problem in their life shouldn’t be decided with death or even violence. I am a strong believer in change, just when is change going to occur?

People dream of life and with life comes education, friends, love, happiness, passion, careers, fame, fortune, marriage, children, grandchildren, and their death. Their death is what they make the most of and not being shot down by a deranged idiot whose life is so messed up that he/she/they decide that death by a gun is the perfect way to go. People live in fear with what violence of a single weapon brings, but if everyone just stop being so afraid and always turning the blind eye to someone in need then and only then are we able to see another day.

We, the people, can live to see the future and all that it entails. Sometimes it is hard to read someone who is going to do something terrible to themselves or a group of people, we need to be strong because this is not the plan. If I am going to die, then I want to die my way and not by someone’s bullet. HOW? How can any of us make a difference or at least be the mighty hero in those stories we heard as children—we need to be strong, compassionate and smart.

Knowledge, kindness, and strength has made the human-race for years and without those qualities then who are we really and are we making a life or even a future for the next generation. Gun control is serious, and it’s not until someone, people, or an important person dies that change starts to occur. I hope none of us are going to bury our loved ones, we are going to step up and make a difference. We are losing amazing people and that ends NOW.

I’m not saying, “don’t purchase a gun,” but be smart when purchasing and using that gun. There is so much to fear and so much that can mess a person(s) up in the world, but one has to be stronger than the pull of a gun. A gun is never, ever the answer and after so much where does it end?