Democratic Republic of Congo Mineral Conflict




Gold, tantalum, tin, and tungsten are minerals that are used for electronics, which are sold in different stores such as Apple. So why should we care about these minerals?

Democratic Republic of Congo is known for rape and violence, according to journalist Alberto Rojas Blanco and Raquel Villaecija from Alijazeera. Citizens of this country deal with armed groups that are fighting over minerals. These minerals from Democratic Republic of Congo are being used against us and are being used as weapons. The minerals are causing conflicts in Democratic Republic of Congo and rebel groups are being formed.

We as Manhattanville students should come together and write letters to companies asking to develop products using minerals from conflict free areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo, or elsewhere.

The Enough Project, a nonprofit organization, has ranked 20 of the largest consumers of jewelry and electronics for companies and they want to have a conflict free mineral supply in the Democratic Republic of Congo to help stop the mass atrocities happening there.

Flag of Democratic Republic of Congo

Join the Enough Project in their journey to end mass atrocities and save lives. So why should the Manhattanville College community care? Our community would be providing rebel groups with access to more weapons, causing great chaos in the Democratic Republic of Congo, if we don’t check who we are buying minerals from.

This could hurt all of us in the long run, if we let this happen. Wouldn’t it feel good to pass a law, saving many innocent civilians in Africa? Manhattanville, you have a chance to be heroes. Why wouldn’t you take it?

The Enough Project has the tools to help you do so. If we don’t do this, this could lead to war and potentially harm many people. Many people can be saved by us passing this law. The way to impact legislation is to make your voice heard.

So, if you are interested in passing a law to stop mass atrocities in Democratic Republic of Congo and if you are interested in more information, please visit Help us pass a law at Manhattanville College. We can potentially pass it in our city, then our state.

We can help change lives Don’t just be a bystander, be an up stander. Join Enough Project and save people’s lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Although we can’t make an immediate impact, we can take small steps in saving the world.