Senior Spotlight: Amanda Feeney



As the fall semester ends, Manhattanville says goodbye to senior marketing and communication major and sociology minor, Amanda Feeney.

Feeney began her career at Manhattanville in hopes of becoming an English major with a marketing minor. She always loved writing and wanted to do something involving journalism.

“I wanted the marketing minor just in case my future writing career wasn’t as successful,” said Feeney.

In her first year, she took Introduction to Marketing and immediately fell in love with the major. In years to come, she took plenty of writing classes to keep up with her passion.

Many professors have come into her life, but Feeney explained that marketing professor Tina Bardsley has helped her throughout her collegiate career.

“Bardsley really believed in me, showed me that my work was great, and that I could really strive in the marketing world. She gave me the opportunity to present some of my research and new strategy ideas to the CEO and the head of marketing of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Getting to meet the CEO, make the connections, and see the office was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget,” said Feeney.

Assistant sociology professor, Strmic-Pawl, or as students call her “Professor SP,” has also helped Feeney along her journey. “She opened my eyes to so much, things that I can apply in my career even if I’m not doing studies in sociology,” explained Feeney.


After taking seven semesters of classes, Feeney could not choose just one as a favorite. Manhattanville has so many different opportunities that her favorite classes were Integrated Marketing Communications with Professor Bardsley, where she partnered up with friends, and created different medias and strategies for a product being released in the next year. Screenwriting with Professor Jeff Bens gave her the opportunity to write the first 30 minutes to feature film. Finally, in Introduction to Cultural Anthropology with professor Hefner, she learned about society, people, and different cultures.

After graduation, Feeney plans to continue working as a pharmacy technician, while living at home to save as much money as she can. “While I’m home, I plan on applying to jobs in the real world,” she explained.

Feeney would like to have a career in marketing, personal relations or event planning so she wants to begin applying in those areas. Her dream would be to work in publishing scheduling meet and greets for authors, working on campaigns, planning book launching events.

Overall, Feeney’s experience at Manhattanville has been memorable. Her favorite memory is hanging out in the library, while not doing homework, making popcorn, and getting special deliveries of Taco Bell.

“The laughs shared in the middle of the night, while you’re stressing about finals and papers are the best laughs you’ll have.”