Senior Spotlight: Alexa Borenkoff



As a Business Management major with a concentration in Marketing, Lexi Borenkoff worked toward her goal to graduate in the winter. After graduation, Borenkoff plans to continue to apply for jobs that revolve around marketing to kick off her career in her dream field.

Borenkoff did not always want to concentrate in marketing; originally, she wanted to study fashion. “I was really interested in Fashion Merchandising, but after taking Introduction to Marketing with Professor Bardsley, I decided to concentrate in marketing instead and put most of my focus on business, rather than fashion.” Borenkoff explained that she had then changed her major and has not looked back since.

At Manhattanville, Borenkoff has taken plenty of classes regarding business, but some of her favorite courses were for the general education requirement. “Creative Process was a fun class because we learned about the aspects of the theater, and were able to attend a Broadway show at the end. I also enjoyed Introduction to Classical Mythology because of my vast interest in Greek Mythology,” Borenkoff explained her wonderful class experiences, “Manhattanville really has a wide variety of classes for everyone and I think all students should take advantage of the diverse classes before they graduate.”


Assistant professor in economics, finance and management, Professor Perretta is one of Borenkoff’s favorite professors at Manhattanville, “she was one of the only professors that cared so much about her students. She really works hard to make sure that each student excels in her classes,” she explained about Perretta.

Manhattanville’s tight-knit community will be one of the things that Borenkoff will miss the most, “the school has so much to offer socially and academically and I will miss spending quality time with my friends.” Out of all the traditions that Manhattanville has, her favorite is red madness because of the excessive school spirit that the student body has.

In five years, Borenkoff hopes to be working for a big-name marketing company that she absolutely loves.