Men’s Hockey



As the winter season approaches Manhattanville College with cold temperatures and almost a guarantee for snow, there is one team on campus that thrives in these conditions: men’s Ice Hockey.

With the season, well under way the Valiants have begun their season battling teams across the country.

The Valiants opened the season against tough opponents including Morrisville State, Elmira College and Neumann University. Following the opening games of the season the Valiants took a trip to Wisconsin to play St. Norbert in a two-game series in Wisconsin.

After tying in the first came to then losing an unfortunate one in overtime the group remains focused on their goals.

“It was a new experience for everyone on the team, none of us have traveled that far together for hockey before. It definitely brought us all together a little closer due to the long time we spent there together as well as rising to the opportunity and challenge of playing against the no. 1 team in the country,” said defender Thimmy Garbenius

Creating an environment on and off the ice for these goals to become accomplished is a tough task especially when you have a group of 29 guys. Creating the standard for the group by setting goals that can be accomplished all starts with the seniority on a team. On this team having a majority of upperclassmen has given these athletes the reassurance they need in order to have success.

“I think all of us seniors have filled that leadership void in our own unique way, we always bring our highest effort on the ice or in the gym as well as make sure the rest of the team brings their best effort and attitude every day,”

Garbenius explained. As the season continues the Valiants will continue to look up to senior Garbenius alongside other seniors for guidance while taking on tough opponents in the remainder of the season. Implementing their knowledge from years past on and off the ice will put this group in the right position to continue their success.

“It will be extremely tough to leave this program in the spring, right now I am in credibly lucky to have a long season ahead of me and that is my only focus. I will do my best to ensure the program’s future success by instilling both my personal beliefs and values along with ones I have acquired through my four years here into the younger guys and hope that it can help them continue to be successful in the future,” said Garbenius.