Women’s Basketball



Winter is coming; which means it’s time for the women’s basketball team to get started on their journey. As these Valiants are next up to bat in Kennedy gym. Similar to years past the team’s performance off the court in Manhattanville’s own Red Madness 2017 was a performance to remember. Placing high in an event like Red Madness definitely shows that these players make connections on and off the court by sparking strong team chemistry. This year has been and will continue to be led by the two seniors on the 2017/2018 roster, Sam Milazzo, and Joiada Darnell.

These four-year players and coach Kate Vlahakis have been itching for the start of the season after they had established what the level of standard was. After speaking with senior Sam Milazzo,
the Touchstone got the sense that this season is going to be something special.

“One of our team goals this season is to hang a banner and win a conference championship as well as competing in the NCAA tournament,” said Milazzo.

Putting the young pieces together, while setting the standard has made it easier with the young freshman group, as they too play the game as if they were seniors stepping on to the oor like it is their last year.

“This freshmen class is unique. They are really fun to be around and it’s really amazing that they want to be here as much as we do. They want to be a championship team and they are all willing to put in the work for all us to make it there. Just like coach said we need them as much as they need us,” said Darnell.


As this young group gets ready to take on Division III basketball, they know that it is going to be a long journey that encounters tons of obstacles. Fixing these things can take time, however this young team knows that it won’t just happen overnight, it’s going to take time. Overcoming obstacles putting in hard work and effort is a convincing work ethic that this team is ready for what is at hand this season.

“One thing [Coach Vlahakis] always says is that our team ‘doesn’t have to be on the right page, but the same page.’ We use this advice to understand that our team will not be the best it can be immediately, but it’s a work in progress,” said Milazzo.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, students will make their way home to celebrate this holiday while the women’s basketball will be in the gym figuring out the pieces in order to achieve their common goal, a conference championship.