Thanksgiving as a Vegetarian


Thanksgiving is a holiday we like to celebrate with family; we gather around the table and think about all the things that we are thankful for. Our relatives have prepared delicious meals to share with each other. You have warm drinks, and maybe Christmas movies are being played as the final details are placed on the table. You know it’s all about to be- gin when the turkey is placed on the table, but what if you are vegetarian or vegan?

What if you cannot relate to that moment when the turkey is placed on the table and the excitement for others isn’t something you can relate with. Well, Thanksgiving isn’t just about the turkey. Once again, it’s about the things you are thankful for and one of them is being vegetarian. Preparing a Thanksgiving dinner with no meat is very easy.


There are many ideas for Thanksgiving meals, one of my personal favorites being pumpkin pot pie. Instead of meat, roasted pumpkin, carrots, celery, and kale take center stage. White kidney beans give the dish some protein too. If you’re not big on pumpkin flavor anything, this next one might be the one. Portobello mushrooms, stuffed with eggplant and gorgonzola. The dish composed of gorgonzola, eggplant, garlic, and parmesan transforms the ‘shrooms into a rich, filling meal. It can be easily vegan by replacing the cheese with dairy-free cheese.

Another one of my favorites and a classic for every veggie meal, Thanksgiving veggie burger. One of the easiest and most delicious meals. This vegetable patty is made from  black beans, bell peppers, on- ions, and spices with favorite Thanksgiving sides on top. To give it a Thanksgiving feel, add mashed potatoes with gravy to the vegetable burger. It’s just like a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, only on a bun.

A classic in every Thanksgiving meal is the shepherd pie with beef. Well, have you tried the vegan shepherd’s pie? A simple mix of lentil and vegetable mix instead of ground beef as its base, this shepherd’s pie is a delicious and healthy invention. This version is vegan, but if you’re a vegetarian, like yours truly, you can sprinkle some goat cheese on top for an added flavor.

Thanksgiving is a moment to celebrate with the family, share lovely memories and create new ones. Food is one way to express that love, you don’t need to have a turkey to be thankful for all the things life has brought you. Always remember to be thankful for everything you has, happy early thanksgiving for all. Whether you eat turkey or not, enjoy your time with family or friends.