Dealing with Writer’s Block



Every writer has gone through writer’s block—you know that thing that makes your brain stop working when you’re trying to write something. It’s only inevitable for every writer to experience it…multiple times. Sometimes it’s fairly tolerable, but other times, it’s extremely difficult. But don’t despair, there are plenty of ways to deal with writer’s block.

The first thing that you can try is to take a break from your writing and focus on something else for a while. It might be good to let your brain take a break from focusing too hard on just one thing. Exercise your other abilities. Go for a walk outside and get some fresh air, or draw something fun and creative. Bake a treat for yourself or cook a delicious meal, or simply get a glass of water. By doing other things, you could get an idea from them.

Another way is to do some free writing. Practice your creativity and write down anything that you want, no structure, no rules, nothing. Just you and your creative mind. Also, try to free your- self of any distractions; turn off your phone (or put it on silent), find a nice, quiet, relaxing place and sit down so that you can turn all of your attention towards your work. If need be, take a couple of breaks. It’s a good idea to constantly move your body, so do some light stretches or take a few minutes out of your work and do a mini yoga session to help clear your mind. Once you feel relaxed, go back to your work and see where you’re at then.

What I personally like to do when I’m writing is listen to music. It might be a dis- traction to some, but for me personally, I think it helps me stay focused. I like having some sort of background noise. Instrumental music may be more ideal since it doesn’t contain any speaking, but it all differs from person to person.

Writer’s block is an issue for a lot of writers but it doesn’t last forever, you can over- come it. Even when writing this, I dealt with some writer’s block – ironic, right? If the issue is persistent, then I would suggest as a final result that you get another opinion from a friend, family member, or a professor. It might be that you need a different set of eyes to see what you need. Just remember, you are not the only one. special.