Baby, It’s Freezing Outside.



“Baby it’s Cold Outside” is a song I could hear in my head sitting here at the end of October with November just a few days away gathering my thoughts about what to write about for WINTER FASHION; but it is hard to sing that while temperatures here are still in the 70’s! Stores are filled with winter styles and we are still wearing tee shirts!

I know it is too good to be true and those chilly days and nights are creeping up on us, just like the holidays! So, do you want to know what is ‘hot’ this winter? Do you want to know all of the must haves? Well I am here to make sure you know what should be in the closet for the winter.

Jeans, boots, scarves, sweaters, hats, plaids, sweats, off the shoulder, turtle necks, and more…… don’t forget colors! Taupe’s, browns, beiges, gray’s and whites, blacks, and more! It seems to me that this year all colors are in, and mix and match too, which is always fun!

This season you need to make sure you have knits; long sweaters, bulky sweaters, short and tight sweaters too, you can dress them up or wear them casual. Wear them with a scarf and hat, jeans and short or tall boots and you will be ready to go!


I am not really a fan of a big bulky winter coat, and I think a lot of you can relate; who remembers being all bundled up as a kid and being sent off to school, lucky if you could lift your arms up because of all the layers your parents put on you? Well, I remember all too well, my mother always made sure I had the warmest of everything, which also meant the bulkiest. Now, the thinner the better and coats have come a long way, you can buy a coat as thin as a shirt with a temperature rating of +5° to +25° Fahrenheit and be comfy and stylish! Don’t forget the vest! Vests are so comfortable, stylish and you can throw it over a sweater with a scarf and go off to class. They are not bulky and you can wear them from the fall into winter, you need one!

Now I don’t know about you, but you can never have enough boots! You need to make sure you grab those boots now, do not hesitate because before you know it they will be gone. Booties are  a must this year along with a pair of riding boots. Don’t forget we will be getting snow, I love the duck boots, they are adorable and even the guys can wear them, they are good for the snow and rain, they are not bulky and very stylish. Also, Timberlands are still around, they too are an item you cannot go wrong with, slushy, rainy not so snowy, throw them on and off to class.

I am a fan of comfy, like I am sure most of you are, so make sure that whatever you choose to add to your winter ward- robe is comfortable, fun and affordable; just like most of what college students look for in anything, comfort, fun and in budget!