Manhattanville Cheer Team Returns



After almost five seasons, the Manhattanville cheerleading team has of offcially come back to campus. The team has new captains, new routines and new goals.

The team was disbanded in the spring of 2016 after a leadership turnover, which caused the school to phase out the team. The cabinet and Office of Student Activities (OSA) voted against having a team until the beginning of this fall, when freshman Nickindah Augustine and Chloe McNair decided to go through the process of bringing the team back to campus.

“When we were looking at Manhattanville, we saw that the there was no team. We love to dance so we decided to start it up,” said Augustine.

As of right now, the team does not have a coach and due to liability reasons, they cannot stunt or tumble. Since they do not stunt, they are not considered an official cheerleading team. Under Manhattanville they are considered a dance team but have the title the Cheer Team.

The girls explained that they are not looking for a coach as of right now because
they choreograph their own routines.

The Cheer Team will not be competing this year.

McNair explained that they hope to perform halftime routines consisting of dancing and jumps during the basketball and hockey games in the spring. The girls also would like to perform at dance showcases along with the rest of the dance groups on campus to try and put the Manhattanville cheer team brand out there.


Membership was difficult to find but the girls sought interest among the underclassmen. As of right now, the team consists of thirteen members, mostly freshman and two sophomores. Practicing every night, they are striving to learn complicated dances in preparation of their first performance. They hope to fundraise later this month by selling gift wrap and bake sale items in order to purchase new uniforms, new poms poms, and new gear with the brand on it.

For students who want more information, the team will be holding tryouts in the spring.