Introducing Edward Manetta, Manhattanville’s new Sports Director



The new Director of Athletics, Edward Manetta, is just one of the staff members that have been welcomed for their first semester at Manhattanville College. President Geisler announced his appointment on Oct. 25, 2017; Mannetta began his position on Nov. 13, 2017.


Manetta comes to Manhattanville with a plethora of experience in the world of sports. In previous years he has served as the Director of Athletics at two Division I schools, St. John’s University and DePaul University, his past experience in a sports business agency and public relations, and most recently, he served as the Director of Sports Programming at the Barclays Center and the Nassau Coliseum. Manetta has also been an adjunct professor, which allowed him to share his passion for education as well as sports marketing.

As Manetta comes from larger institutions, his transition to Division III Athletics will be quite different from what he has most recently experienced. But, Manetta expressed that he is well-versed in the role and tradition that collegiate athletics serve on a campus, but also recognized that every transition is not without its difficulties.

Despite never working in Division III athletics, he’s passionate about the structure, as it allows for students to pay attention to academics and athletics. He said he believes in the success of Division III athletics and the versatility it allows its students and staff

“Division III athletics is really what the foundation of what college sports was to be about,” Manetta said.

Despite his difference in experience, Manetta is sure that once he begins speaking with senior staff, coaches, and student athletes, he will have a better idea of the college’s needs. He has learned that for success, there needs to be involvement from all spheres of the department.

“Communications has always been one of my building blocks…It’s all a team effort,” he said.

He is open to all ideas that anyone involved might suggest. He also wants to meet regularly with team captains, create a dialogue, ensure a sense of transparency around himself, and emphasize the importance of a student-athlete’s education. He is also looking at ways to enhance the intramural experience.

“I really want to support athletics, students, and staff. Even if it’s not necessarily about them, I want to hear their ideas to make things better,” he said.

Manetta had also been itching to return to campus life. A small campus like Manhattanville allows for close involvement with the campus community and the student athletes. Manetta said that he enjoys working with coaches and people like him, who have a passion for sports, and look to grow and achieve what they want.

Manhattanville has always been on Manetta’s radar.

He lives in the area, so he has become aware of the college’s programing and President Geisler’s mission. He recognized that Manhattanville was “creating a footprint in Westchester and beyond.” During his time, Manetta hopes to improve the fundraising mission for the department through continued alumni support and looking at the possibility of enhancing the college’s bonds with corporations in the area. Manhattanville is a brand, and any way that athletics can go about helping promote that brand is his goal.

Additionally, Manetta wants to thank President Geisler for his consideration for this position and Julene Caufield, who did an outstanding job serving as interim while the search was underway.

As director, Manetta hopes to engage the entire campus community, all students, whether they are involved in the athletic programs, faculty and staff. By creating recognition programing with the athletics staff, that excites the community, the level of school pride and support of the athletic program could grow. This also includes engaging different departments on campus.

Manetta soon hopes that he will begin to see a unified campus community around the athletics program. He would love to see faculty, staff, and students of all classes and of different interests, cheering on their fellow Valiants from the stands.