Woman’s Rugby Makes a Mark


The women’s rugby team began in the spring of 2015 with only ten girls, they had high hopes and expectations to expand their program and eventually begin to play different schools. They could not even imagine that they would have got this far today.

Senior Laura Elebesunu spoke about how she is most excited about the recruitment processes. “It’s always fun teaching rugby to those who have never heard of or even played the sport. It’s really exciting watching your teammates grow and excel as they learn more and adapt to the rules of the sport. We have a lot more girls involved – not only freshmen but sophomore and juniors.”

Over the course of the last five seasons, the team has made strides to improve themselves as individuals and as a team. The team went undefeated last season and played in the semifinals at 10:00a.m. on Sunday Oct. 22 at Fordham University. The woman’s rugby team practices six days a week to keep conditioned and to help teach the rookies how to play the sport. Senior captain Shea Bancher commented that,

“The team has made so much progress it is incredible. From my first year with them to now has been such a roller coaster, but I would not have wanted to share it with any other group of girls.”


The team has improved substantially since the first season, and they hope they will continue to keep their winning streak. Elebesunu stated that the new players “adapted to the rules of rug- by and have become great teammates and friends. As a team, we’ve learned how to effectively communicate amongst each other on the pitch and to keep our cool amidst increasingly violent behavior and a downright disgusting attitude from an unfriendly team and a biased referee.”

With each season, new recruits bring different tests on and off the field. Through the sport is difficult to pick up, the captains worked hard at helping the new teammates. Bancher explained that “the chemistry on the team is still being established due to the large number of rookies that we have recruited this year.”

The team has done an out- standing job so far, striving for success and reaching for the conference title. “I’m positive our team will make it to one of the top spots in our conference,” stated Elebesunu.

Although they are not on the GoValiants website, you can find their roster and statistics on: http://www.tristaterugby. com/team/manhattanville-college-women/