Top 5 Apps You Should Have on Your Phone



Hopefully, at this point in the semester you have successfully settled into an effective routine. What is considered successful, has yet to be determined. Anyways, at this point you should have purchased all the necessary textbooks and supplies needed to pass your class, networked your way to getting the numbers of fellow students who may play key roles in whether you get an A or F in that Econ class, and of course, have all the apps on your phone that every college student should already be using.

If you’re still reading this I’m guessing you don’t have all those apps or you’re still reading to make sure you didn’t miss any key ones. If either part applies to you, here is a list of the top ve apps every college student should have on their phone.



You won’t go a semester without doing a group project. We all know with group projects, that means endless group chats blowing up your inbox at all times of the day. If you’re the type to join every organization on campus, you might want to be down- loading this app like now.

GroupMe allows you to mute specific chats, which is especially handy for those overachievers. No need to worry either, it’s easy to attach links and media to GroupMe messages.


At some point in time, you’re going to find yourself in the city whether it’s for an internship or just to hang out. The last thing you want to do is get lost in the Big Apple, your mother will never forgive you. Transit is the ultimate guide to getting around. All you should do is plug in your current location and your destination. The app gives you multiple options of transportation including how much an Uber drive will cost in case the subway decides to act up that day.

It also alerts you if there are train delays and alternative routes to get to where you’re going. There’s a go to option that allows you to walk around with a personal assistant tell- ing you when and where you have to be with real time updates.

Google Drive

The era of sending group projects back and forth has come to an end! With Google Drive you can create, share and collectively edit presentations and documents. Luckily enough, if you have a Gmail account, you already have a google drive account. Now you can edit and share on the go without any more issues.

Square Cash

I want my money and I want it NOW. The Square Cash app allows you to get your money sent straight to your account. You can send and receive payments, make purchases, and con- duct other financial transactions.


Let’s be honest, we’re college stu- dents, which translates to “I’m broke can I get a discount?”This apps helps you nd daily deals from shopping to dining and even traveling.

Bonus App!


Come on guys, you should have a job first before you can go splurging on Groupon. Indeed helps you find jobs near you part time or full time.