The Start of NBA: 2017- 2018 Predictions; Will this year’s NBA season exceed expectations?



The NBA season has officially begun, and the question that looms with the fans already is who will win in the finals between the Warriors and Cavaliers?

Obtaining Isaiah Thomas in the trade with the Celtics, and the additions of Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade to the roster will make the Cavs a better competitor against the Warriors, but the same concentrated, offensive-minded team from last year, plus depth of the squad will still prevail, although it’ll be a more tight and competitive series.

This season has potential to be better than last year, with the media on their Lonzo “radar”, Lebron whether he’ll leave next year or not, and most teams looking more complete than last season. Some might argue that the NBA doesn’t get good until the playoffs, but you’d be amazed how wrong that is given the gems one sees time to time in the regular season.

Eastern Conference Playoff Teams:

  1. Cavaliers
  2. Celtics
  3. Raptors
  4. Wizards
  5. Sixers
  6. Bucks
  7. Heat
  8. Pistons

Every year the Eastern Conference has looked less and less competitive, meaning the Cavaliers will have no problem dominating the conference. Although the Celtics will be close, almost neck and neck against them, with Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward in the lead. However, the recent gruesome injury to Gordan Hayward has put the Celtics behind the eight ball.

Out of this conference, the fans should look out for the Sixers, the whole “Trust The Process” movement seems to work, and with Joel Embiid getting decent minutes and J.J Red- dick’s veteran contribution, there’s no reason to not trust the process.

The Raptors will continue to surprise the league, with their best run (four years) in the franchise history. Although a couple of inexperienced players on the bench, a good sea- son is upon them. However, they have a small margin for error with the Pistons, Bucks and Heat in the battle.

Western Conference Playoff Teams

  1. Warriors
  2. Rockets
  3. Spurs
  4. Thunder
  5. Timberwolves
  6.  Clippers
  7. Blazers
  8. Nuggets

During the season, the likes of Spurs, Rockets and Thunder will get convincing wins against the Warriors which will give them false hope when Steph Curry and Kevin Durant dominate the Western Conference, go undefeated in the playoffs and lastly win their sixth championship.

With the Warriors cruising, it’ll be a free-for- all from the other teams. Spurs will continue following Popovich’s plan, and with a healthy Kawhi Leonard, why shouldn’t he be included in MVP talk?

The OKC Thunder will be fun to watch, a battle of egos with Melo, Westbrook and Paul George as the big three. They certainly won’t click at the beginning, but the team can win 50+ games this year.

NBA Finalists: Golden State Warriors & Cleveland Cavaliers

Undoubtedly the deepest squad the Cavs have had in recent years, it’ll be an improved performance from last year, but it still won’t be enough to beat the Warriors. Golden State wins in seven games.

It’ll be another year of parity problems with the league, but that doesn’t mean it’s the “Cavs vs Warriors” league. The Western Conference has improved and they won’t go down without a fight against Cleveland. Same as the Warriors, even though they’ll cruise the Eastern Conference, their path won’t come as easy as last year.