Movie Theatre Or Play Ground? RATED “R”- AUDIENCE UNDER 17 NOT PERMITTED



The denition of a rated “R” movie should not be taken lightly. Why is it that I had to wait 17 years to see a “R” rated movie, but when I got to the movies to see Stephen King’s “IT,” there is a 5-year- old sitting behind me? Now, thinking about it, I was in the movie theatre at 11:00p.m. watching a movie about a clown who is haunting little children, who scares the life out of me so why is there a 5-year-old sitting with me?

I have a 4-year-old sister that goes to sleep around 8:00p.m. Why would you bring your child to the movie theatres that late when they are obviously supposed to be sleeping? I feel that when you’re a parent you should realize these things and not just ignore it. If you can’t find a babysitter, it’s quite simple: You can’t go to the movies to see a rated “R”film that night.

The young boy was scared every time he saw the clown come onto the big screen. Being young and scared of something sticks with you, so he can grow up being petri- ed of clowns just because his parents brought him to see “IT” at the age of five.

If your child is young and talkative, the movies are definitely not the place to bring them because people spend money to go and were looking forward to seeing the movie. When someone buys a ticket for an 11:30 p.m. scary movie, they don’t want little kids screaming while they are trying to pay attention.

Especially when the child is around the age of asking a million questions. “Why is that happening?”“Who is that?”“Why are they doing that?”“What is that called?” I think everyone has that one person who asks a million and one questions during a movie but I think it is worse when the child next to you is watching a scene in the movie that he should not be watching and asking questions about it.

Movies during the day, such as matinees, are appropriate for children of a young age, especially movies that are age appropriate. Seeing films like, “Finding Nemo”, “Minions”, and other kids movies that should attract all little kids to go to the movies with is the best thing for small children.

Movie theatres should be more aware and make a rule that children should not be permitted below a certain age with a parent. They don’t care because they are getting the money for the children going in with the parents but they should change their rules. Parents, please be aware that bringing your child to a movie that they should not be in ruins everyone else’s time to enjoy their night out or date night.