Over the past few weeks, Student Government has held an Open Meeting and student outreach events, including our Whine and Dine and Banter in Brownson. We are so grateful for everyone’s involvement in our events, especially as these events help us know the most important issues that the student body is concerned about. SGA takes this feedback to our committees, to staff and administration, and even to the Board of Trustees, if necessary – we are determined to address and make the college aware of the ideas and concerns you bring us.

If you weren’t able to make it to our outreach events, please feel free to email us with your ideas and issues, at Student.Government@mville. edu. We are also holding another Whine and Dine and Banter in Brownson in mid-November.

With our Constitution now ratified by the student body, some of the major projects Student Government is working on are the new Council Of Diversity and Equity, or CODE, and the Senior Council, where seniors are invited to give their input about senior events, both during the year and senior week. SGA Representatives are also actively giving feedback to and participating in numerous Manhattanville committees, from academics to admissions, bringing the student voice into crucial conversations about the college.

As always, we are striving to best represent you in everything we do as Student Government representatives, as well as communicate with you about what projects we are working on. For immediate updates, follow us on our Facebook page and Instagram @sga_mville, but also look out for our emails, as we’ll be sure to keep in touch.

– Heather Krannich