Media Majors at Manhattanville



Manhattanville’s Digital Media majors experience college in a different way, according to these students, who are truly inspiring. They are hardworking, young people whose eyes are only on the computer. They hope to achieve high paying computer jobs. These students, Victoria Oluwole, Richard Schertzer and Laura Elebesunu are high tech in communications.

Victoria Oluwole, a senior at Manhattanville, dreams of entering the entertainment industry.

“I chose Digital Media because my dream is to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Whether it be working on the set of movies, television shows, or music videos, I would like to be involved,” she said.


Oluwole discovered her passion for the entertainment industry in high school when she was the stage manager for the school’s musicals.

“My job was to make sure all the actors backstage were quiet during the production and rehearsals, had everything they needed for the scenes, made sure they were able to quickly change costumes, and that they were okay. I also was responsible for mov- ing props to and from stage during scene transitions during the plays.” said Oluwole.

After learning how to stage manage, she decided that she could do this for the sets on lms and television shows. Following her stage manage- ment experience she decided that she wanted to pursue a career in lm.

Richard Schertzer, a Digital Media minor, has created his very own movie called “The Little Chapel” in his Digital Media Production class. Schertzer’s movie received several awards for his work.

“The Little Chapel” is about a young girl named Stacey who attempts to bring her friend back from the dead. The lm has received positive reviews, following its reviews at Manhattanville International Film Festival and has appeared in numerous lm festivals across the country.” said Schertzer.

As of October, “The Little Chapel” is the most successful lm that was not produced by the Manhattanville Video Project. On Nov. 1, it will be screened in young FilmMakers at Anthology Film Archives.

Laura Elebesunu is a senior at Manhattanville College and is very involved on campus. As the President of MVL Radio Club, she distributes the schedule and has her own radio show. Elebesunu is on the rugby team, and a part of Manhattanville Video Project. Although she is involved with all of these programs now, she was not always so involved with technology.

“I had never had any in-depth experience with any programs or cameras besides what I learned on my own and the one photo-journalism class

I took that oversaw putting together everything in the yearbook, from interviews, copyediting, and photos to formatting decisions and overall design of every single page. I enjoyed it, but it didn’t make me think I would go on to study this eld.” said Elebesunu.

These three students are just a few examples of the Digital Media majors at Manhattanville.