Jake Cayton

Interview by Ally Andryshak

How has your Manhattanville experience been?

“It’s progressed. Freshman year was alright; I was adapting to be in a college environment.
I come from a small town in Stratford, Connecticut. Being on the lacrosse team definitely helped. I deffinitely ventured out so I made a lot of friends outside of lacrosse, which made it a lot easier. And then as time went on I got more comfortable and a lot of people knew who I was because I put myself out there. Now it’s just a breeze.”

Tell me about where you’re from.

“I come from a pretty small town; it’s in Fair eld County. It’s like a laid-back boating-type town because it’s right on the [Long Island] Sound. We have two high schools: we have Stratford high—where I went—and Bunnell [high school]. Every night before Thanksgiving we’ll have a football game at Bunnell and the day of Thanksgiving is at Stratford so it’s always cool when the whole town gets together because you know a lot of people. Like I have friends who graduated before me and graduated after me who I still go to the football games with and talk with so it’s always a cool thing to do.”


Do you think because your hometown was small you liked Manhattanville for its small community?

“Yeah, absolutely. ere were about three hundred kids in my graduating class so one
thing I really looked for [when applying to college] was small class size; I learned early
that that’s where I thrive. I like to know who people are. My freshman year was great because I knew everyone, I knew my professors. My sister’s first year [at a large school]
was awful for her; it took her a whole year and a half to settle in. I knew I couldn’t deal with that.”