Fall Fest: The Variety in Genre & Artist



Through the years that I have been at Manhattanville, I have seen many changes in the music genre and performers. Student performers started by covering popular songs and have turn their creativity into original songs. The artists that were chosen during this year’s Battle of The Bands came with original pieces that were written by themselves or created with other fellow student- artists.

Fall Fest always developed a genre- free environment, which has led to move students in the Manhattanville community to get involved with the outdoor activities and sit down to enjoy the performances. From multiple bands like Cultural Hound and The Individuals playing alternative rock and indie pop. Two duo rap artist like NYC & Young Marquito, junior students who have a following on SoundCloud. There was a delightful acoustic moment with Jasmine Hernandez and John Aybar, with song covers that they mashed up to create a funky vibe for everyone.


Throughout years, we have also seen many more female performers, who create their own content. One of those is solo artist Danielle Carr, a sophomore R&B/Soul artist at Manhattanville. Her music style has de ned a new sense of liberty and  pride that many of the students enjoy and follow. Fall Fest lets artists on campus express music style and create a family-warm feeling every year with the student performances.

This year, four dance teams performed different types of genres through dance. Minds in Motion, with their outstanding hip-hop moves to Cardi B’s infamous Bodak Yellow. An MDE (Manhattanville Dance Ensemble) performance, with a strong choreography and Dance Troupe, with their technical dance that leaves us wanting more. To a surprising salsa and hip-hop routine by Latin Fusion, a new dance team on campus. With no doubt, this year Manhattanville had an outstanding crowd due to the amazing music choices. We will see if next semester’s Battle of The Bands will showcase new artists on campus to perform for Quad Jam 2018.