“DO NOT DELAY!” A Friendly Reminder for Spring 2018



The time has come to start preparing for the registration period for the spring semester of 2018. The official registration opening date is on Nov. 6, 2017. Why is this process so important? Once a student completes all the necessary paperwork, gets approved by their academic advisor, then they will be allowed to register for next semester’s classes through WebAdvisor.

For all students, mostly freshman, there are many steps to go through to be approved to register for classes. Students must meet with their academic advisor, who was assigned to them when they started at Manhattanville. This academic advisor will stay with the student until they declare a major their spring semester of sophomore year.

The advisor will then guide the student in creating their own academic
advising ePortfolio page. Students must completely ll out the “General Education Requirements Form” that can be found on WebAdvisor. They also need to ll out the “Intended Courses and Registration” worksheet and submit it online. In addition, students must attend one of the mandatory Academic Advising Workshops. This is very important because students will learn how to properly set up all the necessary accounts, make appointments using Star sh and learn how to complete the former steps.

On Oct. 13, 2017, all students at Manhattanville College received an important email from the Office of Registration. This email cited important information regarding class registration. Each student has been assigned their own individual online registration date and time. They can register for classes on or after their specific registration time has passed. Students will not be able to register if there are any restrictions on their WebAdvisor account. The ADMAJ hold/restriction can only be removed after that student meets with their Academic Advisor after all the paperwork has been discussed, possibly changed and finalized. If students wait until the last minute to complete all the registration steps then their preferred courses could already be filled.

It is imperative for students to follow the steps. The school will not give aid
to anyone who misses the deadlines for class registration. Academic Advisors are motivated to help any student who needs help in this process. As the deadline approaches students should seek to get ia jump start on being approved for class registration.