Alumni Spotlight: Reuben Salcedo



“If you’re looking to pursue an internship, you need to start early and build,” said Reuben Salcedo.

Reuben Salcedo is a recent graduate of Manhattanville College in the class of 2017. He graduated with a dual degree in Philosophy and Criminal Law. The Touchstone sat with Salcedo to discuss how students could acquire life changing and successful internships.

Salcedo landed an internship with MasterCard in 2016, working a small position in the legal department, and now works full time in the company’s Global Compliance Validation Service department.

Salcedo explains, “I make sure that all teams internally comply with all of the laws that are put out on us. I do this by creating risk assessments and giving teams scores to tell them how well they are abiding by the laws.”

Salcedo studied Criminal Law in order to learn and understand legal terminology that was applicable toward his career goal. He also expressed that his choice to major in Philosophy was so that he would be able to “think in different lenses,” which is a strategy in succeeding at any internship.


Along with Salcedo’s workload, comes the cool perks of his job. “There are always CEOs, celebrities, or top lawyers walking around and giving talks to us. We sponsor the Yankees, so we get discounts. We also have MasterCard’s priceless campaign, so we get deals on a lot of different events also available to everyone on,” said Salcedo.

Although the perks of the job are bene cial to Salcedo, it is important to think of them as rewards in exchange for hard work. Salcedo emphasized that the most diffcult part of his job was learning to maintain time management. This can be a hard task for everyone, and Salcedo advises those who struggle with time management to “speak to the supervisor or executive” because they want to help.

Salcedo is now in the process of applying to law schools and has plans to take the LSAT in December or January. He stresses that “you need experience and a mentor,” which he believes is the key to success. Manhattanville internships are the best way to guarantee you those opportunities, and with the right help and motivation you can achieve anything according to Salcedo.