Alex Maignan- Thompson

 Interview by Bianca Gray

What made you want to major in International Studies?

“Ever since I was little, I’ve always been interested in di erent languages and di erent cultures. For as long as I can remember, I have been self-researching and exploring di erent customs around the world. I one day hope to work with the United Nations, and help underdeveloped countries.”

Do you know any other languages?

“I’m proficient in French, Korean, and Japanese.”

Have you ever been to any of those countries?

“I was in Japan when I was a junior under a student exchange program for two semesters. It was a real cultural experience. I was able to learn new things, interact with other exchange students, and perform different community services acts.”


Was it hard being away from your family for that long?

“Yeah, I was lonely at times. Not only did I miss my family, but I missed America as well. ere were just some cultural things that I just was not use to. It’s just hard to adapt to a whole new culture. ere were some things that you can do over here that’s normal but that you just can’t do over there. For the most part, I enjoyed it. I missed my family but I also couldn’t dwell on it too much and had to enjoy the experience in front of me.”

Did that experience make the transition to college easier?

“Yes, it did. I feel like the experience made me more capable of living on my own. So, while others are struggling, I’m okay with it.”

What are some places that you haven’t been to that you hope to visit one day?

“Australia. I would like to travel to more European nations such as Switzerland, England, and France, some places in Asia that I still haven’t been able to see yet like Tailand, China, and South Korea. I’ve always wanted to travel to more African nations, as well, like South Africa, Egypt, or Nigeria.”