500 Signatures Later



In the last few months, the Dance and Theatre (DTH) Department at Manhattanville has been going through a whirlwind of adjustments. The administrative assistant, Sue Fleishaker, who has worked at the College for eight years, has gone in a different direction with her career, leaving Manhattanville with little to no time to fill the position.

Novella DeAngelis, a senior Dance major stated,“Because she’s not here, you realize how crucial her position was…anything important pertaining to the students, she handled.”

On a day-to-day basis, the administrative assistant is responsible for quite
a lot. She handles the budget for the productions that Manhattanville puts on, handles office work, emails all of the students, knows about auditions that are happening, handles the scheduling for the dance studios and much more.

The students who belong to the DTH Department feel very strongly about the matter. A petition was started on Change.org over two weeks ago, on Oct. 2, asking for 500 signatures to save the DTH Department position. The petition was received very well by students and the petition already reached its’ goal of 500 signatures, and now aiming for 1,000.

The petition states:

“The importance of a Dance and Theatre administrative assistant extends beyond just the Dance and Theatre Department as a whole. Without an Administrative Assistant, the DTH Department will be forced to cut back on academic courses and productions starting IMMEDIATELY! PLEASE sign this petition to fight for a new  administrative assistant, and to fight for our education!”

As of right now, the position is frozen while the school examines it, they are deciding whether the position should be a full or part time occupation. The school has not yet lled it, however, once the position unfreezes they are going to start looking for applicants.

According to Leandra Romano, the petition did an impeccable job by surrounding the situation with the attention it needed and pushing its importance to the top of the to-do list. The longer this position goes unfilled, the more conflict it will raise for the Dance and Theatre Department.