Victoria Ratjen

Interview by Ally Andryshak

So you’re an alumni of Manhattanville— What did you study?

“Studio Art was my major and World Religions was my minor. Though my junior year, I realized I didn’t want to be a studio art major anymore. But I couldn’t redo two-and-a-half years of college so I stuck with my major and took as many art history courses as I could and I missed a double minor by one class. Super bitter about that still haha.”


What are you doing now?

“Right now I’m getting my master’s from NYU in Museum Studies. So that’s exciting. I’m also working here in the CCD and interning at the Botanical Gardens. So it’s a very, very busy semester. e second year in the master’s program is a lot of thesis work so you always
hear me complaining and crying over my thesis ‘mehh it’s so much work!’ So that’s what I’m doing right now. But I was happy to take the break; I took about a three year break in between. Mostly I just needed the time to take a break from academics but I also see a lot of my classmates that came directly from undergrad. So in the first semester they struggled a lot because they were tired, burnt out, and still had a lot of the bad habits I had while in undergrad which was time management… like I would be working in a group— two out of three of us were fresh out [of undergrad] and I would
be hounding them. They would do the project, they were invested in the project, but it would be like ‘guys, we’re not doing this project the night before; I finished my section a week ago.’ at kind of a thing. Though I say that now while I’m writing a paper