Valiant Swag Expands



For many studens going to sports games down on Field is a good time; whether your favorite team wins or loses, showing school spirit is always a great experience. Recently, the bookstore revamped their clothing line, adding several new styles of Manhattanville clothes, but none of them include athletic team logos.

At Division I schools, bookstores sell football, lacrosse, hockey, and eld hockey apparel for fans to wear to the sporting games that are di erent from the actual teams’ warm up clothing. Although Manhattanville has a hockey sweatshirt on sale in the bookstore, they don’t represent any of the other 23 sports teams that we have.

Earlier this year, the women’s soccer team offered Valiants leggings, hats, and socks as a fundraiser. The team used this sale as a fundraiser to purchase Nike gear without having to pay out of pocket. The idea of selling custom Valiant gear was a huge success, and the team is expecting to have another sale within the next month.

According to Graduate Assistant, Christie Freer, the women’s soccer team “found that most our sales were actually from non-student athletes. We think that’s because as a student athlete you already have a lot of Valiant gear for practice and game attire and typically teams will buy a lot of Valiant swag through Nike team. Because of this, I think the fundraiser interested a lot of the other students since their only options of Valiant gear are the bookstore or to create something custom online.”

Touchstone reached out to Assistant Athletic Director for Communications, Steve Sheridan, regarding the Athletic shirts. Sheridan explained that in the next few months, Manhattanville Athletics will be rolling out an online store where apparel can be customized with the logo of the Manhattanville sports team of choice.

Sales would benefit the school, but they would also bene t the athletics department and boost their general fundraising pool. Each team would also have access to suggest and share their own designs and ideas on what they would like to sell. Once the order is placed, the website will ship it right to the doorsteps of whomever orders it; keeping the inventory low, but also providing customer service.

This is a big step for Manhattanville, which is attempting to boost school spirit. According to Interim Director of Athletics, Julene Fisher Caufield,

“There has been an intentional e ort to address us as ‘Valiants.’ We here at Manhattanville are all Valiants.”

Since the women’s soccer team had such a great turnout, other sports teams could follow and create GoValiants clothing to create profit, as well as the school spirit that the clothing sales will enhance. With the push for having team athletic clothing open for everyone to buy, the school would be encouraged to support athletics and favorite teams.