Stand Up or Leave


The United States of America is the greatest country the world has ever seen. We are a free nation; with freedom of speech, freedom of religion and, many other liberties that countries across the globe do not share. This freedom comes with a cost. Brave men and women give their lives every day to protect America. Whether they are a patrol officer walking the streets, or if they are a marine serving overseas; these men and women sacrifice their lives so that we Americans can enjoy the luxuries of freedom and opportunity that most of us take for granted every day. These men and women fight to defend the flag. They fight for all 50 stars and all 13 stripes because they love our country. To disrespect the flag is to disrespect our service members.

Any NFL player, as a matter of fact, any American who chooses to protest the national anthem and our flag in any form is not American at all. Stand up for your national anthem. Stand up for your country. Boycotting the national anthem is not a protest on social injustice, it is a direct protest of the rights that are granted to EVERY American citizen. For those people who are protesting, if they have such an issue with this country, then leave. There are plenty of other countries in the world, but I can guarantee that those countries will not o er you the same freedoms you have here in the United States.

To all of the NFL players, do you think that without the freedom that the American flag represents you would be able to live the same life? No. That flag and the rights that it provides are the sole reason that you have the luxury of making millions of dollars to play a game. That’s right, a game. For our brave service members, their job is not a game, it is life or death. Their sacrifices allow these athletes to make money by playing a game. These athletes need to show some respect to the people who make the ultimate sacrifice.

If someone wants to make a change in our country, boycott the issue you have  within the country. Do not boycott the country itself. Praise the country that allows you to be free. These protests are ignorant, heinous and unpatriotic. Show some respect for all our service members. If you’re American show it. There is no excuse and no reason to protest the national anthem. For the minute and 34 seconds that the national anthem plays for, stand up, remove your hat, and honor our great nation’s flag.