Rachel Abrahamson

Interview by Bianca Gray

Why did you come to Manhattanville?

“I came to this school because I really like how small the school is. There are plenty of different opportunities. I was offered more extracurriculars here than I was offered at any other school. e Duchesne Center was also a big plus, seeing as I already do so much volunteer work back in my hometown. I also really like the music program here. I really just picked up great vibes, not to mention it is just more of a welcoming environment than the other schools I checked out”

How long have you been interested in music?

“I joined my first choirs when I was four. There are videos of me before I could talk just dancing around and you know…kind of singing, I guess? It’s just something that I’ve always been doing. I’ve been in the choirs my whole life. I know so many instruments because I don’t want stop learning everything I can about my craft.”

How many instruments do you know?

“I know about nine or ten, but my voice is my favorite. My voice is with me wherever I go. It’s just something that is always a part of me. Other than that, I really like the fife, which is an instrument that is unknown to most. It was used during wars. I was a part of a war reenactment group, which was a great opportunity to better myself with the instrument. I had the opportunity to learn the fife and many other instruments from instructors who are world-renounced for their music.”


Once you graduate, where do you see yourself in the future in regards to music?

“Ultimately, I would like to be a music teacher. Growing up, I always said I wanted to teach elementary students. Preferably, ages three to six. But, after having a great high school teacher myself, I wouldn’t mind teaching music to high-school students because there’s just so much hidden potential with that age group and you can watch them progress and grow over time in a way that’s different from elementary students.”

What do you miss most about home?

“My family and my dog named Buddy. It’s weird. I took a nap the other day and kept expecting for my brother to come wake me up and drag me out of bed, but he never did. He’s not here with me. He’s all the way in Connecticut and I’m here in New York. This is the longest I’ve ever been away from and my family. I wish I could see them more often.”