“Students and parents often ask me what skills they really need for tomorrow’s marketplace. The answer is surprisingly simple: You will invariably do best in a eld that fascinates you, and that is the major you should choose! If you do pre-law and go to law school because somebody told you that lawyers earn a lot of money, and not because you are fascinated by the intricacies of our legal system, you will simply be a lousy lawyer and you will not be successful. Conversely, if you major in a foreign language or art history and you are really passionate about that eld, the skills you learn there will easily transfer to other areas and you may end up as a vice president for a major global corporation. However, in my personal experience, here are some specific skills I always recommend to students: Study the great narratives of any eld – literature, history, anthropology. This will teach you good writing beyond our basic requirement. I have a friend in Washington D.C. who started out as a poet and ended up making a killing by teaching executives in the beltway how to write decent o ce communications! Take an acting class to learn how to manage your public appearance. Statistics – you need to understand what statistics actually mean, how they are generated, and how the same data can be manipulated for very different purposes. And you should have a basic familiarity with the fundamentals of business and budgeting, as well as the major software applications used in business, no matter what you end up doing. But keep in mind, you don’t need to major in these fields unless you are really excited about them. Put your major where your intellectual passion is!”