Keeping the Pulse Alive

Keeping the Pulse Alive


Manhattanville’s student radio club is ready for its comeback

Student-run Radio Club went on a hiatus beginning spring semester of 2017, to determine the future of the MVL Radio. Since then, their mission has been to redefine what they mean to the campus and make this message well known throughout the campus.

It’s a small setback for a major comeback, as one of the biggest clubs on campus will be making its return. Per sources, the relaunch date is set for either the end of October or the beginning of November tentatively, with a ‘Welcome Event’ set for mid-October.

Founded in 1979, MVL Radio has worked as a free-form, student run radio station for Manhattanville. The radio club broadcasts exclusively online on, where one can browse and click on the “Stream Us” button which directs the listener to their media player. Listeners can stream the different sets of shows provided for every hour of the day. The club brings a unique student-to-student relationship, where DJs provide different content for their shows and represent the station. They are also able to invite guests and co-hosts to their shows.

To join the team, students interested must to go through a two to
three week ‘internship’ where the members will show you the tools to use on the station and how to use them. After that, the student would become a DJ for the club and is able to select a time slot during their preferred day and start broadcasting.

One of Manhattanvilles Radio Club major successes came in early August this year, being rated #2 on the Princeton Review in the Best College Radio Station list. Two years ago, the same club was ranked #7 on the list. It has also been known for promoting an array of local talent, collaborating with several clubs on activities, creating a variety of music events such as, Local Music Fest, Urban Live) and overall representing music on campus.

MVL Radio, one of the college’s most followed clubs, is looking forward to putting themselves back on the Manhattanville map after their recent hiatus.

As of Fall 2017, the board members are: Laura Elebesunu ’18 (Station Manager), Luis A. López ’19 & Nina Cruz ’18 (Top 200 Directors), Andre Blue ’18 (Hip-Hop Director), Matthew Wickline ‘18 (Local Music Director), Douglas Pearson ’18 (Specialty Music Director & Equipment Manager) and Emma Dugas ’18 (Promotions and Web Content Director).

Contact the club via email at or visit them in the station which is located on the rst oor of Berman.