Impressive iPhone Models Hit Market



The innovative tech company, Apple Inc. has recently announced the release of its next generation of iPhone. Apple never fails to impress and meets, if not surpasses, expectations. It is hard to imagine a world without the iconic smart phone that changed mobile technology forever.

It’s mind-blowing to think that the iPhone has only been around for ten years. This year Apple is marking its tenth anniversary since the first iPhone’s launch, not only are they releasing the next generation, 8, but also beat any ones expectations in announcing the release of the iPhone X or 10 in addition.

The iPhone 8 will also have a Plus version. This will include a
glass body and a faster chip. The normal iPhone 8 will cost $699 and the Plus will be $799. The iPhone 8 will be able to handle more complex tasks at a faster speed in comparison to other iPhones preceding it. It will look very similar to its predecessor, the 7 and 7 Plus, except for the glass bodies instead of the use of aluminum.

With the 8, Apple improved the cameras with new sensors built into the smart phone lens. The dual cameras in the iPhone 8 Plus takes photos with acute detail in low light. Apple also built in a new portrait feature to take improved photos of faces with different backgrounds.

In addition, more features include the magnetic induction to the iPhones, previously introduced with the Apple Watch. This means that the phones can now be placed on a charging pad instead of using preceded it.

Apple announced the iPhone X, as its rst premium-tier phone on Sept. 12, 2017 at an event in Cupertino, Cal. The iPhone X is priced at $999, making it the most expensive iPhone to be newly released. It will ship starting Nov. 3. Next, the iPhone X will introduce new
screen technology known as OLED, a type of display that can be
customize thinner, lighter, and brighter displays, an improvement on the forerunner, LCD.

Another new feature in the X is the edge-to-edge display that takes up the whole face of the screen. Apple decided to eliminate the
characteristic home button that had been in all the preceding
iPhones. Apart from internal changes to the phone, the iPhone X will also be the first phone in history to include the facial recognition feature. This means you just need to look at your phone to unlock it. It will also include wireless battery charging mode, as well innovative camera effects.

The iPhone X is the first completely different and redesigned iPhone in three years, with Apple CEO, Timothy Cook saying it will, “set the path for the next decade.”

According to the NY Times, stocks are expected to be steady or decrease, but if it surprisingly turns out to be a success as soon as it’s released, the stock price can rise.

As one can see, Apple has proven itself, time and time again, as a first class company in technology. It is hard to think of the modern world without the iPhone in it, and how it has become an unrivaled global leader in technology, only 10 years into its existence. Only time can tell what new innovative technology Apple will produce in the next year. The iPhone 8’s starting price is about $50 more than the other starting prices in comparison to other launching iPhone models that produce in the next year, decade, or even century.