Duchesne Center: Heart of Manhattanville


The Duchesne Center for Religion and Social Justice is the heart of Manhattanville’s community and learning services. The cornerstone for healthy relationships, new friendships, exciting adventures, and a real chance to give back to the community.

As we wake up going to a class, hanging out with friends, do homework, or just sleeping the day away, something in our minds and bodies forces us to volunteer for some Duchesne job.

Why? Because it’s not just getting two-, to three-, hours of community service. The experiences we take from those jobs, the smiles, the laughter, the memories, the fun, and the sense of community that has been lost in the past. The Duchesne Center has this energy of valuing what one has, never takes life for granted, the honor of hard work, and the family we take from such wonderful times.

Family is one of the strongest bonds, we hold dear to our hearts, no matter what versions of the word “family” we have, family is the strongest and most sacred bonds we hold dear, and that is what the Duchesne Center is for. We are a family. Every day of the week, a new, and exciting activity within the Duchesne Center such as: mentoring kids, nature centers, soup kitchens, meal programs, midnight runs, and so many creative and fun- filled expressions of art and dancing, but this is just the beginning.

The Duchesne Center is not just a place to serve community service hours towards that scholarship money, but it is putting others before yourself and branching out into a new world that will not only inspire but change you as well. The 30 hours of random community service is nothing, compared to the real world. Anyone can help and get all the hours they need, but the young men and women who are going over 30 hours don’t even care or notice because they love what they are doing and see a future. Those doing charity work have a bigger heart than others.

The programs, you must see to believe, but don’t take my word for it. Take the word from one the most eccentric and well-involved men at the Duchesne Center, Craig Kevin Sevilla Donnelly, Jr., who coordinates community service activities for the Duchesne Center and has been especially successful in the enhancement of many community partnerships and programs, which also bring such enthusiasm towards the Duchesne Center.

Mrs. Patricia Hess, the Administrative Assistant for the Duchesne Center, oversees student workers by managing the volunteer database, o ce records, produces e ective probation reports for nancial aid and program comparisons for the end of year reports.

Lastly, we have Rev. Will Tyrrell, the  Director of the Duchesne Center who is also the offce Director of Study Abroad.

The Duchesne Center is one of the hearts of Manhattanville, full of strength, love, stability, family, and home here. This place opens doors of opportunity, ideas, knowledge, hope, and above all: community.