Commuter Lounge Lacks Full Potential


The Commuter Lounge at Manhattanville College, located in Brownson Hall, is filled with both resident and commuter students. Commuters are students who only remain on campus during the day and live off campus. Students have the option to sit on the leather couches, watch TV, or eat food from the vending machines, or from right next door, at the Brownson Cafe.

Students have expressed their feelings of boredom, sitting in the lounge either talking or doing work. While, others have expressed con- tentment with the lounge.

Bonnie Mukherjee, a sophomore commuter at Manhattanville College said, “I think the commuter lounge is quiet and has a fascinating atmosphere. The only improvements we need are more chairs or high desks.”

The commuter lounge is decorated with bright colors, like bursting red. The tables are nice and round. The lounge is very spacious and pleasing to the eye, however, many students nd it boring to sit around and do nothing. Some students do homework because it is a quiet place.

In my opinion, if the commuter lounge was redone there should be games to play and more movie options. If the faculty combines the Game Zone with the Commuter Lounge, there would be better entertainment. However, the Commuter Lounge is a good place to have study sessions as well as a good place to get a snack from the vending machines.

It is often harder for commuters to make friends because they do not live on campus, but the commuter lounge helps them meet other commuters.

Overall, the Commuter Lounge has an appealing appearance, but the room itself does not have many activities that appeal to all students. It supplies students with food, from vending ma- chines, and students could watch TV if they like.

Other colleges have less commuters than Manhattanville College. Most students in other colleges live on cam- pus. While this is true, commuters are a part of the Manhattanville community, and a part of being a commuter is being happy commuting and being happy while staying on campus. Considering that the commuter lounge is a place mainly designed for commuters, Manhattanville’s commuter lounge is very important to the school as a social hub.