Coffee Vs. The College Student


“Why is coffee a college students’ best friend?”

Starting your day at seven in the morning isn’t exactly what many college students enjoy doing, especially for those students who deal with busy schedules while trying to balance school, work, and club meetings.

Sometimes, you’re running out of time or need a little help to wake up so you can grab a good warm cup of coffee. Skipping breakfast isn’t ideal, but many college students that are running on tight schedules, have their perfect breakfast, which can be a granola bar and a cup of coffee.

Christopher Ingraham and Roberto A. Ferdman from The Washington Post wrote an article called, “A Coffee Addict’s Guide to the Universe” about the phenomenon of coffee addiction and how it has become a trend.

Ingraham and Ferdman wrote, “Today, the world drinks somewhere upward of 2 billion cups each day. People kill for it. And sue multimillion dollar corporations over it.”

According to the National Co ee Association, USA, 41 percent of 18- 24 year olds drink co ee every day. We live in a country that has several successful co ee corporations. Why wouldn’t co ee be one of your best friends?

As I sat down with senior Isabella  B. Guerra, a Communications and Media major at Manhattanville, she shared some words about college and coffee.

“I actually was never a coffee drinker until my senior year. I have 18 credits, 4 jobs, 3 clubs, and 2 internships so it’s needed,” she said.

Coffee helps you wake up and stay active for a long time. Students that run on tight schedules tend to rely on coffee to help them start and end their day.

The long days can feel like forever. College students look to rely on co ee to help them keep on going. Sometimes you are just tired of the same meals on campus and you want something quick to pick you up, but you just don’t want the same thing from last week.

That’s something sophomore Natalie Ramos, Dance and Psychology major at Manhattanville, explains. Getting coffee is much easier, faster and convenient and a change from the food options that are always served on campus.

Once you hit six hours on caffeine, the cells slow down and causes you to become extremely tired. So, why is coffee a college students’ best friend? Simple, with all the work and responsibilities college students have, it requires so much energy to complete all in a short amount of time. Therefore, when you feel lonely and stressed, just know your best friend has your back. A nice cup of coffee.