New Year, New Changes

New Year, New Changes



Over the Summer of 2017, Manhattanville made various changes on campus that a ected the academics and infrastructure around the school. Many of the changes were executed in late August, which was an inconvenience to students starting the school year.

The most obvious change to campus is the carports, which were erected in late August. Although they are still in the process of being completed, the carports should be done within the next two to three weeks. With the completion of the carports, the school will finally repave and paint lines on the parking lots behind Dammann and Tenney.

The carports will bring in revenue to Manhattanville by reducing the school’s carbon footprint by almost 50%. According to Vice President of the Planning and Facilities Department, Greg Palmer,
in 2009, Manhattanville was generating almost 8,000 metric tons of Carbon.

Last year, the school replaced every light on campus to LED lights, which brought down the usage of carbon. Along with the construction of the carports, the school will only be producing 3,000 metric tons this academic year.

Manhattanville had a few more projects that did not go unnoticed, such as the renovation of the Berman gym and the addition of nine new treadmills. The new treadmills are complete with Bluetooth and a USB port for phone charging

Down by GoValiants Field, the school put in six new tennis courts. Although there is no o cial grand opening by Athletics, the courts should be complete within the next month.


Chartwells Food Services also updated their look on campus; adding new furniture to the cafeteria and building a new Starbucks which is expected to open mid-October. Students should also expect more updated furniture in the hallway outside the pub when the Starbucks opens, as well.

After many of the changes, the school still has a lot planned to be completed by the Spring of 2018. The grass eld next to the GoValiants Field is still waiting on approval from the town of Harrison to make it a turf eld. The school is also looking to build a dome over the eld to winterize it, for December to February practices.

Palmer stated that the school will be “entering a partnership with New York Soccer Club, which is a nonpro t youth soccer club.”

This will give opportunities for the athletic teams to have a second practice eld as well as the chance to practice on campus during the cold winter months. The school is still waiting for approval, but once the board passes it, construction will begin in late October or early November.

Along with the new accessible door outside of Benziger Hall, the school also plans on building two more doors outside of the cafeteria. According to Palmer, the doors should be completed during Thanksgiving break.

Another project that Manhattanville is in the early stages of building is a new Design School, which acts as a different way of thinking and problem solving. Many other schools such as University of Pennsylvania and Stanford have centers like these. This change could take place as early 2019 or 2020.

Touchstone reached out to President Geisler on what the Design Center could mean for Manhattanville: “The School will teach students the most critical skills employers are looking for in their 21st century workforce: to collaborate actively and constructively with people from a variety of different backgrounds and with different discipline-based approaches to problem- solving; the empathy and methodological understanding to do empirical research that tells us what customers really want (which may not always be what they are telling us they want!); and, finally, to keep going back to the drawing board to refine your product until you get it right. The end result of a Design Thinking process may be an actual hardware product, or a new software design (e.g. a game or app.), or an improved customer experience or service,”

Manhattanville has already gone through a great deal of changes this summer, but continues to make progress towards additional advancements that will be completed within the next few years.