Manhattanville’s Battle of the Bands


On Tuesday, Sept. 12th, Manhattanville held their annual Battle of the Bands contest in the Berman Student Center. Many students gathered around the lobby to hear great musicians do what they love, playing in front of a crowd.

There were many performances, including rock bands, pop, and solo artists, the night consisted of so many talented people performing. The Touchstone interviewed two groups that performed that night; Ravage, a student rapper, and the winning band called The Individuals.

The Individuals are a three piece band from Long Island, N.Y. The members are Steven Palopoli, bassist/singer, Hugh Flynn, guitarist, and Bryan Mrakovcic, drummer. The Touchstone was able to sit down with Steven Palopoli to ask him a few questions about his band.

Touchstone: How’d it feel to perform in front of your classmates for the first time?

Palopoli: It was a lot of fun, no one really had any expectations for us so we just went out and had fun.

Touchstone: How long have you been doing music for? How’d you guys become a band?

S: I’ve been playing with our guitarist, Hugh, since we were in the 4th grade. One day in the 8th grade, we got a Facebook message from Bryan, our drummer, and we’ve been a band ever since.

Touchstone: How would you describe your music?

S: We are a psych/alternative rock power trio, but our mu- sic truly ranges everywhere. Moving from here we look to truly nd a niche of our own.

If you would like to listen to The Individuals performance at Battle of the Bands, or more of their music you can find them on Band- camp, iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud, or like them on Facebook at “TheIndividualsBand” or follow them on Instagram: @theindividualsband.


The Individuals will be performing at the Fall Festival on Sunday, Oct. 1st.

Raymond is a solo artist that goes by the stage name “Ravage.” Touchstone was lucky enough to have a conversation with him about his performance.

Touchstone: How’d it feel to perform in front of your classmates for the first time?

Raymond: It was a good opportunity performing. Even though there was a lack of crowd participation, they gave me great feedback and appreciation to my music.

Touchstone: How long have you been doing music for?

R: Since I was 11 years old, so that would make it 7 years.

If you enjoyed Raymond’s performance at Battle of the Bands, you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter “@ Ravage_Music” and like him on Facebook and Sound- cloud at Ravage Ray Barsz.

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